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The Luminous Experience

Luminous was founded to support you on your path back to radiant, soulful living. Dev Darshan Haeg uses the spiritual resources of Akashic Records, Kundalini Yoga and pleasure to support you in reconnecting to your inner resources and energy, to live the life that you truly desire.

We believe in we—in the power of journeying together and helping each other along the way. That's why we're a community… not just a person, not just a business. A community of teachers, healers, lovers, learners, spiritual beings having a human experience. And we’re all in it together.

Our philosophy is simple: You have access to an infinite source of wisdom, energy, and empowerment. It's all within you, just waiting to guide you. You need only tap into it. We're here to help.


Akashic Records Reading

Whether you're looking for guidance on your current love relationship, business or just a neutral perspective to help you decide a new direction, your Akashic Records can help!

Discover Your Gifts Reading

Get clear on your soul's natural gifts by learning about your soul group of origin and its primary energy center.  Gain insights into your support team and other valuable soul profile details.

Clear Your Blocks Reading

Clear out the past life issues blocking you from expressing your soul's natural gifts, realign to your truth and set yourself up to shine. 

Manifest Your Desires Reading

The manifestation blueprint reading can help demystify and clarify your unique approach to bringing your heart's desires to fruition.


Akashic Records Training & Certification

The Akashic Records Illuminated Program features a unique 3-Level Course design that taps the power of ritual, personal support, and Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, a tradition rich in resources known for helping cultivate deep intuition and a meditative mind. This three-prong approach is the key to helping you work confidently in the records and develop a deeper relationship to your soul.


Meet Dev Darshan

Dev Darshan "DD" Haeg is a Luminous Soul Coach, Akashic Records Reader, certified Kundalini yoga teacher, Erotic Blueprint coach-in-training, and the founder of Luminous Community. A former massage therapist, she delights in helping her clients live a soulful, sensual and sovereign life. She is a mama of two and lives in Denver.

“It’s an honor to see people grow, step into their power, and live life more aligned with their desires. I look forward to serving you and your soul’s evolution. May you feel soulful, sensual, sovereign and supported.”  - Dev Darshan, Luminous Founder


Luminous Blog

Raw and real blog posts. Kundalini yoga life hacks. Inspirational stories. Lessons in how to discover the power within you. Events you won’t want to miss. Curated collections of our favorite things to inspire you to thrive and SHINE on—from the inside out. 

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