What Is An Akashic Records Reading?


The Akashic Records is an etheric library of your soul's journey throughout all of its lifetimes that offers you healing energy and insights. When we open your records, your soul-level support team—a mix of masters, teachers, guides, past loved ones—show up to lovingly facilitate the reading process and ensure that you get exactly what you need.

Whether you're looking for guidance on your current love relationship, business or just a neutral perspective to help you decide a new direction, your Akashic Records can help!



Scheduling your First Akashic Records Reading

An Akashic Records Reading will allow you to gain soul-level wisdom to inform your life and your decisions. During the reading, you can pick a topic and ask specific questions, simply see what your guides want to share, or both. Either way, you'll receive valuable soul-level guidance.

My work with Dev Darshan in the Akashic records has been life changing and perhaps even lifesaving! Accessing my Akashic records has helped me gain insight and clarity on many issues including current and past family situations. My wife recently passed and I cannot imagine going through the grieving process without help from my guides in the records. The love, support, and insights that I have received from them via Dev Darshan has been invaluable to my personal growth and my ability to move forward after losing her.
— Doug, Denver, CO



  • 50-60-minutes reading over the phone or Zoom

  • Digital recording that you can download and re-listen to on-the-go—anytime, anywhere you desire

  • One "soul work" assignment which may include a journaling activity, breathing practice or reflection question to work with

Let’s Schedule Your First Reading!

I have known and been working with Dev Darshan for many years. Her readings and guidance provide support and insight to all aspects of my life—from personal to business to spiritual and everything in between. I use her perspectives to help give me clarity and navigate when I am feeling stuck or need some validation as to the path ahead...and it always helps me. She has been a blessing and a gift in my life and I recommend her highly for anyone wanting some coaching, support, advice, wisdom—and even more joy and grace in their lives!
— Pilar, Santa Monica, CA

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