Clear your blocks and Realign Your Soul

Clear out the past life issues blocking you from expressing your soul's natural gifts, realign to your truth and set yourself up to shine. 

Dev Darshan's readings are so clearly making changes in my life that it’s almost hilarious! Instead of not knowing what to do in situations with work or family, I’m now going through the day with signs of guidance all around me like neon street arrows! The program has really helped me to let go of judgement and not trusting myself, which was blocking my intuition and guidance. I feel so much more open, aware, and aligned with my higher self since beginning this work with her.
—Brandi, Denver, CO

This work begins a week prior to your actual reading session. We'll begin with an intention for your Realignment Reading and a simple breathing practice to help you begin the transformation process and then I'll do the prep work in your Akashic Records. During our actual session, we’ll reveal and dissolve the pesky blocks—the recurring thought patterns, emotions, or habits (usually tied to past lives)—that prevent you from living your life fully aligned with your soul and your stated intention. We’ll complete a clearing to help you “wipe the slate clean” and shift into a more authentic life, aligned with YOUR truth. To help solidify your intention and desired change, you can complete the customized clearing practice for 21 days.  


  • Soul Bundle: $525 (value $600) Includes 2 x Readings: Soul Group, Gifts & Guide Reading + Clear Your Blocks/Soul Realignment Reading


  • 60-minutes session over the phone or Zoom

  • Digital recording that you can download and re-listen to on-the-go—anytime, anywhere you desire

  • One Soul Realignment Report, a written report of your past life issues and blockages

  • One customized clearing practice reference sheet

To maximize the transformational effects of this reading and replace the old energy with new high vibes consistent with your intention, you can supplement this realignment process with a Kundalini Yoga Coaching Package.

I used to have negative beliefs playing like a record in my mind, which turned into a lot of self-sabotage but this soul realignment work definitely shifted that! I have tried many modalities but this method, combined with Dev Darshan’s intuitive insights and guidance, helped me move beyond my blocks. It really shook things up and allowed me to step into a new way of being. After our work together, I found a new place to live, got a new job, and even landed a part-time contract doing what I love—public speaking! If you’re looking for some meaningful real life change, reach out to her!
— Karly, Denver, CO

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