Understanding the Akashic Records Part 1: What is the Akasha?

Akasha Defined

I don’t know about you, but I loooooove etymology. In Sanskrit, the word akasha means “space” or “ethers.” In Hindu tradition it means “the essence of all things” or “the basis from which all things exist.” In Bengali and Nepali and other languages, akasha is defined as “sky”.

Looking at this variety of definitions here, we can see one unifying quality: that the Akasha evokes a sense of expansion and infinite space.

I love this aspect of meaning--that the Akasha has an immensity to it--because it very much embodies my experience of working in the Akashic Records. I remember the first time I opened my records, I experienced an immense depth to my heart that was almost indescribable. The only word I could find, at that time, to describe it was infinite love. So immensity, yes, seems fitting. (And how could it not be? It is after all, the database of our soul and its journey throughout ALL of its lifetimes.)

The Akashic Records are accessible to each and everyone of us. And while any one can access it at any time, one of the most helpful tools that I have found in working in the records is a meditative mind. We’ll delve into this topic more deeply another time, but for now, just know that the akasha is an expansive and etheric space, open to us all and it’s rich in valuable, soul-level information.

In Part II of this Akashic Records video series, we’ll dive into “the records” and the power of the written word.