Understanding the Akashic Records Part 3:

So we’re back! Moving on to Part 3 of series on exploring the Akashic Records.

In Part 1 of our series, we talked about the akasha being an expansive, sky-like quality. The key words associated with this word were spaciousness and ethers. In Part 2, we talked about words and how they are powerful vibrations that are recorded in the Akasha, as well as how everything have did, done, thought or said in past lives is recorded there.

In Part 3, we will merge these two concepts and discuss how this union gives us a powerful spiritual resource that we can all use to transform our lives. The Akashic Records is often referred to as the database of our soul.

It’s a beautiful etheric space that anyone, with a little guidance and a meditative mind, can easily access. Some methods for accessing the records require only a prayer, but in my experience cultivating a meditation mind helps develop the openness and clarity to receive information more easily. So why would we want to access our records?

While the reasons are numerous for accessing the Akashic Records, I’m highlighting here my top three reasons why I think it can be so valuable.  

  1. Get Clarity & Info: I love what Yogi Bhajan said about the records: I don’t read books. Have you ever seen me reading book? You see me eating grapes. Tune into the Akashic Records to know it all.  ~Yogi Bhajan

And the key is that sometimes we don’t quite know why something doesn’t feel right or why we can shake a habit. But often there’s a past life connection or energy that may be still lingering. So reading in the records can help understand “seemingly” unexplained phenomenon.

For example: I once had a client who began having issues with her brother. His behavior was distance and cold compared to when they had grown up together. While reading in the records we found that she and her brother were siblings in a past life and she had betrayed him, which lead to his death. While this may seem far fetched to some, the past-life fear was surfacing (at the same age as the  betrayal had happened in the past life.)

In knowing this, my client was able to give herself permission to not take his behavior so personally.

  1. To Know Your Soul: The records are a database. They are a very sacred space where you can learn about your soul’s journey throughout this lifetime and all your past ones as well. Throughout time, she’s accumulated experiences to fuel her evolution.

    1. To get closer to your soul. Who doesn’t want to live a more soulful life? WHen we’re aligne with our truth and in our soul, life happens. There’s a little more grace and ease. When you’re out alignment -- there’s usually an underlying nagging feeling, you may not feel quite satisfied, or filled up. So going into the AR makes us one step closer to our sou. It helps us understand what it’s hear to learn in this lifetime. The more we can practice and be in this space where we can make choices and aligned with our soul, the more we find joy.

  2. To Receive Love and Healing Energy: The Akashic Records vibrate as the same vibratory frequency of love. So when we read in the records we receive a healthy dose of unconditional love. In fact, sometimes when I’m reading for clients, they will start to weep. For some, this field of unconditional love is the first time they’ve felt the real stuff. many levels. And this love fields is what allows people to open to see things in different ways.

The Akashic Records are a powerful spiritual resources accessible to us all. If you’re interested in learning more about the records, feel free to check out our other blog posts and website. If you’re looking to have a reading, please let me know!