Top 3 Reasons to Have an Akashic Records Reading

For those of you who aren’t sure what the benefits to an Akashic Records reading are: read on, my friends! This short post will share the top three reasons you might want to consider getting a reading for yourself (or heck even gifting one to a friend or loved one!)

#1 Get Soul Info

Ahhhh, reincarnation. Some people believe in it, and some don’t. Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re a believer (or at least curious about it.) And as you also likely already know, we have part of us that is timeless, expansive, and never dies. It’s called our soul.

Our soul has had many incarnations (I don’t assume much in life but one thing I know is that if you’re here reading this article, the chances are pretty high that you’re not a new soul and have had several visits to this planet.) With each incarnation, we create a plan for each lifetime, learn very important lessons, and gather experiences to help our soul grow and evolve. The Akashic Records stores all those experiences—every thought, idea, or action from our past lives—keeping this information recorded our soul’s database.

Yogi Bhajan once said that we’re not human beings having a spiritual experience, rather spiritual beings having a human experience! So as we incarnate into this human form, we gather experiences for our spiritual being, or soul as some people call it. Some souls have had thousands of lives and are often called old souls. (What happens when we’re done learning is a topic for another blog post!) You may have heard the term, or even met one: Have you ever met a little child and hear them spout off some very deep insights, event though they may only be 5! You know what I’m talking about?!!! Those are the old souls.

So what’s so great about all the past life info? Well, gleaning information from your soul’s database can actually empower you in PRESENT LIFE. If there was such a thing as an owner’s manual for your life, the Akashic Records might be it!

Reading in your records can help you to know your soul’s plan: why you’re here in this incarnation, what you might learning, what your gifts are, what your purpose is and what it is that your soul is trying to express, etc... As my daughter might say, “it ‘splains alot, mom!” This soul level knowledge can help you give yourself permission, bring own more of you and well, truthfully, can bring you more happiness and fulfillment in your life. (Please note: I say that it “can” be the key to your joy, because what YOU do with the information from the records is up to you. Information alone is not enough. We have to participate in our joy and happiness path too.) So the records can

#2 Feel Great

It is said that the Akashic Records vibrates at the frequency of love, 528 hz. While I’m not sure how that is measured, I can share my own personal experience and those of clients. And about 90% of the people that I have read for report feeling calm, cool and collected after a reading! (My words, not theirs.) So what’s that got to do with love?

Think about it for a moment: Close your eyes, see if you can recall a moment in time that you felt truly seen and loved. Visualize your own heart center and rest there in that visualization for a minute, then open your eyes.

What, if anything, did you notice? (Totally ok if you didn’t notice anything or know how to connect with that energy!) Typically, people report feeling a warmth in the heart, an expansion, nourishment, peace. It’s something that yogis call the neutral space and it’s powerful because when we are in it, we can feel more expanded, non attached, and open to the flow of life.

The first time I opened my records, I felt this indescribable feeling of depth and love in my heart--an infinite, epic size portion that was so overwhelming to me that I cried. It was like there were no limits to the amount of love in me! (Whoa. This was a big day for me!) And while that might feel incredibly vulnerable for some, it was an indication of for me, of the capacity that was in me that I had no earthly knowledge!

So each time we enter our records, we step into a “space” where we can receive a healing dose of love. And for some people, it can helps them to feel chill (AF), peaceful, centered, calm, and/or open (and that last word is important—see #3 to understand why!)

# 3 Gain Clarity & Perspective

So when we are in that vibration of love, it’s soooooooo much easier to see new possibilities, because, we are OPEN. Open and receptive. We’re out of our mental ruts and stories and limiting beliefs.

I once gave a reading to a young engineer (I am sharing his story with permission), who had a tenuous relationship with his father and never felt that he could fully connect or trust him. In a past life, he and his father had lived in the West and were business partners in a gold rush town that was newly forming. One night his father ran off with all of their money--leaving him and his family abandoned and hopeless. But in that lifetime, this young engineer, then called Ron, took that opportunity to get really creative and rebuild a new life for he and his family. In fact, reinventive Ron was so successful that he later became mayor of that small town. And hearing this, somehow, my engineer friend in front of me was able to let go of his perspective of only seeing his father’s current lack of involvement in a whole new way. He realized that this had caused him to develop some pretty damn awesome creative and adaptive skills that were totally benefitting him in his current job. #newperspective Most often, when the guides share a past life story with me, the details and feelings are mirror this lifetime and that simple connection helps open the client to whole new level of awareness and insight.

Whether you're looking for guidance in your current love relationship, business or just a neutral perspective to help you see things with clarity or even find a new direction, the Akashic Records can often provide that.

But don’t take my word for it! Book an Akashic Records reading with me and see what you think! Get to know your soul and get started via this link.

PS: You can also check out this short video I did on Instagram on this very topic!