Soul Group, Gifts & Guide Reading

Shine Light On You Soul

Get clear on your soul's natural gifts by learning about your soul group of origin and its primary energy center.  Gain insights into your support team and other valuable soul profile details.

“Thank you for what you do. I really feel like something in me really feels complete now that I know my soul group and gifts--which I always knew, but you just confirmed. Sat nam.”
— Cindi, VA        

Before our session, I'll dive into your Akashic Records to gather information on: your soul group of origination--the place where your soul first incarnated, which tells us the vibrational qualities of your soul; your soul's energy center, the primary and secondary energetic qualities that you when expressed help bring you greater joy; and the 411 on your soul-level support team. During our actual session, I'll shine light on your soul’s natural gifts—especially the qualities and activities that, when you embody them, will help you feel more abundant and fulfilled. 



  • 30-40-minutes session over the phone or Zoom

  • Digital recording that you can download and re-listen to on-the-go—anytime, anywhere you desire

  • One Soul Summary, a written report on your soul's natural gifts

This reading is a great follow up to your Akashic Records Reading.

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