My Story... 


Life isn’t perfect.  I used to think it should be. I spent a lot of time trying to be someone I wasn’t. I put energy into relationships that simply didn’t work. I got the “right” education and the “right”  job. I got really good at running around and stressing out—I perfected it, all in the pursuit of happiness.

But here’s the deal…one day, I decided. I decided to get very REAL and very HONEST with myself about what was and wasn’t working. There was a stirring in me, a call from my soul if you will–that I felt deep down, life had more to offer. And I had more to offer life. My sovereignty was fleeting and my soul had issued a 911 call.

I let go. I let go of my marriage. I let go of my career. I let go of my house (but I held on tight to my kiddos). 

It was painful. It was hard. It was a mess. A fucking mess. And it was also awesome. Radical, really.

The universe had served me hard. I waived the white flag, decided to dive deep, and began the restoration of my life.

I worked hard on finding my soul’s natural gifts—the qualities and activities that, when you embody them, help you feel more abundant and fulfilled. I chased light and love and cashed in on my Idaho farm girl grit and dissolved the blocks—the recurring thought patterns, emotions and habits—that were preventing me from living my life fully aligned with my soul.   

The word “YES!” emerged and I started saying yes to the things that really moved and nourished me. I planted seeds of radiance. I said yes to the things that inspired me and illuminated me. I forgave myself and began to trust myself. I loved and continue to love. I said yes to the things that fed and were going to continue to feed my soul.

And here I am—Dev Darshan—a happier, playful, more loving, vulnerable, juicy, and authentic woman. Some even say, sovereign, AF.  And now, I’m completely devoted to helping people find their own way and live their best life too.

I see a world where humanity is empowered to live the life that they truly desire, in a way that is positive and elevating of consciousness on the planet; where people are aligned with their truth and their soul, where they operate with the understanding that happiness, not suffering, is their birthright. Where they feel soulful, sexy, sovereign and supported. And I’m here to help light the way.

With big love,

Dev Darshan, Luminous Founder


About Luminous

Information overload. Unrelenting stress. Constant change. Gadgets. Devices. Fast. Faster. Now. We're all affected by the pressure of our busy, modern times. Often, our external demands are greater than our internal abilities to cope. Fatigue, anxiety, numbing out and isolation from our soul result.

Luminous was founded to support you on your path back to radiant, soulful, sensual, sovereign living. Using the tools of Kundalini Yoga, the Akashic Records and pleasure coaching—and online self-paced courses, in-person workshops and retreats—we desire to support you in reconnecting to your inner resources and energy, to live the life that you truly desire. 

We believe in we—in the power of journeying together and helping each other along the way. That's why were'e a community. A community of teachers, healers, lovers, learners, spiritual beings having a human experience. And we’re all in it together.

Our philosophy is simple: You have access to an infinite source of wisdom, energy and empowerment. It's all within you, just waiting to guide you. You need only tap into it. We're here to help.


Luminous Mission 

Luminous will help you find your unique brilliance when you’ve lost it. Whether it be a divorce, break-up, death, diagnosis, career change, or emergence into a new chapter of life, we let you be you–judgement free, just here at your side honoring your path and helping you find clarity and direction.

Luminous is a gathering place, a home, a community, a tribe for those lighting the way to more love, more light, more kindness, more consciousness on this planet.

I see a world where humanity is empowered to live the life that they desire, in a way that is positive and elevates consciousness on the planet; where people are aligned with their truth and their soul, and operate with the understanding that happiness is their birthright; where they feel soulful, sensual and sovereign.
I love working with Dev Darshan. She’s clear, insightful, and full of heart. Through her Kundalini Yoga and Akashic Record Readings, my soul has awakened and I’ve transformed my self-perspective.
— Brenda, Aspen, Colorado

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